The culture and heritage of India attest that from the beginning of the world till today, Brahmins have played a vital role in embellishing our society and the world at large scale with their steady faith, matchless knowledge, and strict attention. They do not live for themselves but for mankind. Their only motto in life is ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina’ i.e. ‘My happiness is everywhere.

Whenever the nation or the citizens were troubled, the Brahmins have inspired their sense of duty and taken upon themselves the responsibility of presenting the right path for them. When the prominent rulers tried to stamp down their subjects, they were successfully repelled by Lord Parashurama in their form.

The culture, circumstances and thought processes of individuals have been extensively influenced and changed with the changing times. Now Westernization has become synonymous with modernization.

Wealth, self-indulgence and centralization dominate values, ethics, morality, and religion. The decline in patriotism and respect for the culture has given way to divisions into differences on the basis of class, community, region, religion, and linguistics. These differences have ultimately resulted in the decline of our ancestral values.

In these Brahmins is very important in regaining vitality and vitality in society and among individuals. Considered culturally or as destiny, he has always carried the responsibility of molding the nation. Therefore, it becomes quite imperative for this section of our society to actively carry enormous responsibility and achieve success. This can be possible only when there is flow and realization of our culture and conscience reflecting our heritage.

Intellectuals from all over the country graced the occasion and became proud beneficiaries of knowledge and thus eagerly marched forward towards the development of our society.

After this, the Akhil Bharatiya Gour Brahman Sabha announced the beginning of a new era with its philanthropic workers. A new international organization was announced keeping in mind their optimistic mindset with Brahmin unity.

The Brahmin society which has traditionally been divided into various groups and subgroups shouted in unison “Lord Parashuram ki Jai” “Akhil Bharatiya Gour Brahman Sabha Amar Rahe” “Awaaz do hum Ek hai”.

So let us all pledge to make a new positive change and light up our earth with vigor and vitality around us.